4 // That one guy

There’s always that one guy who turns your world upside down. The one you think: I’ll never find anyone like you again. Little did I know the last real man would be that guy.

I was working in the golf industry when I met the last real man. He was a pure bloke and a breath of fresh air. On our first date he took me to play mini golf. I’ve never experienced nerves like I had the day we met.

My head was full of what ifs. What if he didn’t like me, what if he isn’t attracted to me, what if I’m not attracted to him, what if he finds me boring. The list was endless and my brain was working overtime, again.

I arrived at the golf center and he was waiting for me at the front door. He greeted me like an old friend, a kiss on the cheek and a happy hello. I was so uptight. I felt like the vibe I was giving off wasn’t sitting well with him. I just couldn’t relax. We played 18 holes and that was it, day over. I walked back to the car disappointed, not at him, he was great, but at myself. I thought I’d completely screwed up the first really good date I’d had in a long time. When I got home I sent him a text to thank him for the day. I received no response. Was I surprised? No, it was exactly what I expected.

What I didn’t expect was a response the following morning. It was a Sunday and after various texts back a forth he invited me to meet him for lunch and a movie. I was so excited to get a second chance. I made sure I didn’t stuff this one up!

I arrived a little early and had a short walk to the restaurant from the car. From a distance I could see him waiting for me – his tardiness was impeccable! I stopped and just watched him for a moment. I was really attracted to him, more than I ever expected. He was beautiful.

We lunched, chatted, saw a movie and parted ways. Throughout the following week he hounded me to add him to Facebook, which I eventually did, and the following Friday I asked him over for dinner. That night, the conversation was had about what exactly he was looking for. He said he really don’t know and that he’d never had a relationship that lasted more than two months. Maybe this should have been my first red flag.

The following week I messaged him to see if he wanted to hang out. He didn’t. He wasn’t sure if we were right for each other. My heart sank. The first guy in years that I really, really, liked didn’t like me back. So, I left it.

Two weeks later it was grand final weekend. I had a pretty big day drinking and questions started to be asked about this great guy I’d met online and what happened to him. I explained he didn’t want to see me and that I’d just left it. I was quizzed further about how much I liked him and told to have another crack and see what happens.

On the Monday I sent him a text to see if he wanted to see a movie on the Friday. Naturally, I didn’t expect a reply. I was shocked when I had a response, plus a yes, within about seven minuets. By the end of the conversation, he’d picked the movie and bought the tickets.

We met for dinner and saw the movie. We walked back to the car and he kissed me, and I’m not talking just a peck on the cheek! I was so confused. I said to him, “you didn’t want me, you bailed.” He just looked at me. “Do you want to see me again?” I asked. “Yes,” he said. Fair to say, he never bailed again.

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The dating diary are cuttings from the life of a single girl that will make you laugh, cry, and give hope that prince charming does exist.

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