The dating diary

Someone should have told me that by the time I hit my mid 30s I’d be battling the confusing world of dating. In hindsight, it might have made me put in the extra effort with a number of men who showed long-term potential. Alas, I was young and life was fun; now here I am some 20-years later writing a blog about dating in the 21st century.

Let’s face it, the dating game is rough.

I’m a fun, happy and agreeable girl who always leaves an indelible mark on men I meet. I’m a lover, not a fighter, and I thrive on balance and harmony in all things. My cooking skills rival Gordon Ramsay and my cleaning abilities would put Cinderella to shame. It’s pointless to mention that I have blonde hair, blue eyes and a fit figure, because in my experience, all this beauty seems about as important as the supermarket I shop at.

What does it take to get a good man over the line? Why are they never satisfied with what’s on offer or prepared to compromise if 90 per cent of what they’re looking for is standing right in front of them. Why do the commitment phobes and the ones who never seem to know what they want outside the bedroom always chase after the girl who  wants a serious long-term relationship. Don’t even get me started on the ones who are still hung up on their ex lover, even though they vow and declare no feelings exist. God, the list is endless.

Enter, the dating diary.

The dating game is daunting, frustrating, and confusing. So far the only thing i’ve really worked out is that there are far too many men out there with untamed beards, piercings and tattoos. I’m a simple girl looking for her very own Tom Hardy. Problem is, I just can’t find him anywhere.

Tallulah Bankhead once said, “It’s the good girls who keep diaries of what they do. Bad girls never have the time.” I’m sure you’ll be as fascinated as I am to see who becomes Mr. Right.

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