About The Dating Diary

Someone should have told me that by the time I was in my mid thirties I’d be battling with the confusing world of dating. In hindsight, it might have made me put in the extra effort with a number of men who showed long-term potential. Alas, I was young, life was fun and here I am some 20 years later writing a blog about life in the dating world in the 21st century.

Let’s face it, the dating game is rough.

I’m well educated with a successful career, I have a happy and agreeable nature, I can rival Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen and my cleaning abilities would put Cinderella to shame. It’s pointless to mention that I’m blonde with blue eyes and have a 70kg frame, because in my experience, physical beauty seems about as important as the supermarket I shop at. Despite all this, no man ever seems to want me.

What does it take to get a good man over the line and why are they never satisfied with what’s on offer? Why is there never any room for compromise and why do they never seem to know what they fucking want outside the bedroom?

Enter, the dating diary.

I’m back in the dating game. It’s daunting, confusing and the only thing i’ve really worked out is that there are way too many men out there with beards and tattoos.

I’m on the hunt for an Aussie bloke who’s the real deal! Stable, genuine, down to earth and can match my sense of humour! Someone who enjoys sport, a beer, the great outdoors, DIY, a little travel and good food. A guy who believes that chivalry isn’t dead and is looking for something genuine.

Tallulah Bankhead once said: “It’s the good girls who keep diaries of what they do. Bad girls never have the time.”

So, stick with me folks and see how it all plays out. I’m sure you’ll be as fascinated as I am to see who becomes Mr. Right.

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